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Enter Native American Equine history with Black Elk, Blackfoot, Brislawn Reserve, Cheyenne, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Comanche, Gilbert Jones, and Hoop regarding the Horse Dance, Medicine Horse, and Inner Medicine. Hear Al Fast Horse, Phil White Hawk and learn about visions related to Overos, Pintos, Sabinos and the wild horses that carried the War Bonnet of the Sioux Nation and Spanish Barb and Mustangs of the Sundance.


You will find in the overo archive among many historic pictures the “letterboxes” that will contain Vance Myler’s old letters and articles given to me to educate others just prior to his passing. We have the spiritual write up of the Chief in The Clouds from direct accounts. We have the pictures and write up of “Sun” and Sample; and the deeply moving accounting of the Sundance and letters to Vance regarding Al Fast Horse. You will feel the meaning of the Dance and understand the vision Al Fast Horse had. You will hear from Gilbert Jones from the Spanish Mustang Assn., describing all the characteristics of the Medicine Hat Pony, the Spanish coloring and the origins of the Spanish Mustang or Barb known by many names. When you look at what we have in miniature you will have NO doubt where we came from. Just go look at the pictures at the Brislawn Reserve Gallery here at the Overo archive. Then ask yourself, what great power allowed these beautiful horses to survive the brutal slaughter that almost insured their destruction. You will know it is a power greater than you and I. The Sundance was a ceremony honoring this horse of many colors that still today stirs our soul when we view their beauty. Please come and sit awhile, and plan for an experience that will bring you back in time to our American and Native American timeframe when wild horses ran the plains and held special “Medicine”.

Carolyn Miller 2-23-01

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