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“Jeb” Pencil & Colored Pencil State Treas. Nephew Iraq Private Collection Patterson Family Copyright Carolyn Miller

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"FIRST MOUNT" The First Mount could actually be a picture of any little girl. But here it is Louise Marie "Lulie Eustis" "Queen of the Winter Colony". Together, she and her husband Thomas Hitchcock developed the sports concept and complex that made Aiken the Sports Center of the South. For fifty years she devoted herself to the drag, polo, racing, steeplechase, shooting and fishing�She broke all rules and rode astride and also started the Aiken Preparatory School inspiring the youth of her day.

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“Sparky” Graphite Private Commission Mr. And Mrs. C. Woods New Braunfels, Tx.

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ONE of my Live Life Drawings

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“Britton” My first Caricature With notes Portfolio Copyright Carolyn Miller

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“Sailor” Pencil Artist’s Private Collection NFS Copyright Carolyn Miller

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“Magazine Girl” Pencil & Marker Artist Portfolio NFS Copyright Carolyn Miller


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