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*Although this list is far from complete it represents a good collection of my horse related books that I have read, line by line including the stud books in search of backgrounds. There is not an item I havenít enjoyed or learned from here.

Some of these are out of print. Whereever possible I have tried to include a link that will allow you to read more about the book and possibly buy it. You may also find some available in the trading post under reference books

Carolyn Miller
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The Miniature Horse : The Complete Guide to the Fascinating World of Miniatures---Jill Coffey

Horse of the Future : The Miniature Horse -Jill Swedlow Coffey

Miniature Horses; Their Care Breeding and Coat Colors
Barbara Naviaux

The Miniature Horse Our New Dawn Horse-Linda Dalton

Sister Bernadette : Cowboy Nun from Texas : The Story of a Woman Challenged by God

Bernadette, Muller

Shetland Ponies-Anna Hodson

This is an out of print book, be sure to look in the trading post book section

The Pony Book-Jeff Griffen
Moorman Field Horse Trader-Jacqueline and Thomas Field


The Illustrated Veterinary Encyclopedia for Horsemen

Equine Genetics and Selection Prodedures-Equine Research, Inc.

Veterinary Treatments and Medications for Horses
-Equine Research, Inc.

Breeding Management and Foal Development -Equine Research, Inc.

Feeding to Win -Equine Research, Inc.

Compendium of Veterinary Products

Feeding for Performance -Equus

Imprint Training Of The Newborn Foal-Robert M. Miller D.V.M.

How to be Your Own Veterinarian (Sometimes) Ruth B. James D.V.M

Veterinary Guide for Animal Owners-Spaulding

Horse Nutrition a Practical Guide-Hintz

Merck Veterinary Manua

The Horse-college textbook-Freeman

Horse Ownerís Field Guide to Toxic Plants-Sandra M. Burger


Miniature Horse Journals beginning 5/79-complete
IMHR Registry Directory 1977 & 1978
Equuleus from Jan. 1983
Miniature Horse World beginning January 1981-present
Pony Journals-to present
The Miniature Horse Voice-11/93 to present
Canadian Miniature Horse Club Official Publication 5/90
The Miniature Horse News-newspapers
The American Miniature Horse 4 Vols-David McBride
American Shetland Pony Club Stud Books 1893-to present
Shetland Pony Stud Books-Perth, Scotland-19 volumes
National Geographic-March 1985 on Miniatures
Miniature Horses-Dorothy H. Patent


The Shetland Saga-Leslie L. Boomhower
Our Shetland Heritage-Scott Uzzel
A Century of Shetlands 1890-1990-Shetland Pony Stud Book Soc., Perth, Scotland
The Shetland Pony-Cox

The Shetland Pony-Bedell


** 15.96 at Amazon plus S&H
Horse Color Explained by Jeanette Gower

Paint Horse Journal- Jan, Feb., Mar., Apr., 1995 (incredible color genetics)

A Whole Bit Better-Dale, Ron, Bob Myler (bitting and history)

Genetic Principals in Horse Breeding revised-John F. Lasley

Genetics of the Horse-Jones & Bogart

Horse Genetics-Ann Bowling

Horse Color-Sponenberg & Beaver

Equine Color Genetics-Sponenberg

Paint Horse : An American Treasure-Oelke

Breeding for Color-Dictionary of Equine Coat Color Crosses- Ed North

The Color of Horses-Ben Green

Hair Colour in the Horse-R. Geurts

The Coloured Horse and Pony-Edward Hart


Welsh Pony Society of American Stud Book 1913-1955
American Paint Horse-Haynes

Assateague Ponies-Ronald R. Keiper

The Appaloosa- Bill & Dona Richardson

Know the Arabian Horse-Gladys Brown Edwards

Encyclopedia of the Horse-E.H. Edwards

Complete Book of Ponies-Lorna Howlett

The Book of the Horse-Exeter Book Pubs

Simon and Schuster's Guide to Horses and Ponies of the World

The New Foundland Pony-Andrew F. Fraser

A history of British native ponies : from the Bronze Age to the present day -Dent & Goodall

The days of the garron : the story of the Highland pony -A.F. Fraser

The Andalusian a Rare Breed-Pat Garrison

The Pure Bred Exmoor Pony-Anthony A. Dent

The Godolphin Arabian-Mordaunt Milner

A Lifetime with Ponies-Roy E. Charlton


The High Stepper-Tom Ryder

The History and Romance of the Horse-David Alexander

International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds-Jane Kidd


Breaking and Training the Driving Horse -Doris Ganton

Horse in Harness-Fox

A Guide to Driving Horses -Sallie Walrond

Driving-Anne Norris and Caroline Douglas

Harnessing Up -Anne Norris and Nancy Pathick

Driving the Horse in Harness-Charles Kellogg

Drive Smartly-Drive Safely-Carriage Association of America


Fundamentals of Breeding Vol. 1 Mare-Equus Reference Guide
Stable Management for the Owner -Groom-George Wheatley

Between Mare and Foal l-Sue Coen

Stallion Management a Practical Guide for Stud Owners-A.C. Leighton Hardman

Mares, Foals and Foaling -Friederich and Rist

Know Practical Horse Breeding -Farnam

Blessed Are the Brood Mares -Lose

Foaling-Ron & Vale Males

Stable Management Feb/Mar 1969, June/July 1969-Kent, England Horse-January 1957

Horsemanís Scrapbook-Randy Steffen

Western Horsemanship-Richard Shrake

Your Horse-Chapple
Horse Sense-Mettle

Talking with Horses-Henry Blake

Keep Your Own Pony -George Wheatley

Barbaraís World of Horse and Ponies-Barbara Woodhouse


The Horselovers Handbook-Leda Blumeberg

Know all About Tack-Farnam

Winning Through Grooming-Charles Self

Halter Horse -Bloom

Basic Horsemanship English & Western-Prince & Collier

Horses Their Life In Pictures=Beatrice Michel

Your Pony Book-Hermann Wiederhold

A Horse Around the House-Jacobson & Hage

Hoofprints in Time-George B. Russell

Ponies A Complete Pet Owners Manual-Herta F. Kraupa-Tuskany

Fields and Fencing-Threshold Books of Great Britain

Trimming and Clipping-Threshold Books of Great Britain


Horse Ailments Explained-Peter Rossdale

Practical Horse Psychology-Moyra Williams

The Problem Horse-Reginald S. Summerhays

Whatís Wrong-Guide to Signs of Sickness in Horses-Equus

The Body Language of Horses-Ainslie & Ledbetter

How to Recognize Horse Health Problems


Healthy Hooves Their Care and Balance-Equus

Horseshoeing and Hoof Care-Western Horseman Books

Horseshoeing-Caballus Pubs.-edited by William F. Jones

Equine Hoof Care-Jerry Trapan


Singing Wheels and Circus Wagons-Plowden & Caxton

Photographing Horses and Other Livestock-Darol Dickinson

How to Show Your Horse to Win-Ronnie Richards

Animal Painting and Anatomy-Calderon

Drawing Horses and Foals-Bolognese

How to Draw Horses-Usborne

The Manual of Horsemanship-British Horse Society and the Pony Club


LíElevage-Du Poney Shetland En Belgique
Sunnyside Shetland Pony Farm Catalog-1890ís
Maryland Pony Breeders 5/63, 9/61, 5/60
The Pony Farm-Oneonta, N.Y. August 1907
Ponies-R.S. Summerhays
Heyl Pony Farm-the history and pictures
Misc. catalogs documented from all Miniature Horse Auctions and categorized by date
Miscellaneous Letters from Old Miniature and Shetland Breeders categorized by content

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