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Display Settings for 800x600 Screen Resolution for windows

STEP 1: From the "Start Menu", choose "Settings" and "Control Panel". 
STEP 2: Double Click on the "Display" icon. 

STEP 3: Click on the "Settings" tab as shown above. 
STEP 4: Under "Desktop area", move the inicator to reflect "800 by 600 pixels". 

STEP 5: Click "OK" to save the new setting and close the Control Panel window. 

Display Settings for 800x600 Screen Resolution for Macintosh®: 

STEP 1: Exit all applications and choose "Control Panels/Monitors" & Sound" from the Apple menu.  The "Monitors & Sound" window will appear. 

STEP 2: Click the "Monitors" button.  "Color Depth and Resolution'' options will appear in the window. 

STEP 3: Click the ''800 x 600'' setting.  The screen will go black and then redraw at the new resolution with an "OK/Cancel" dialog box. 

STEP 4: Click "OK" to accept the new setting.  Your screen resolution is now set to 800x600. (Note: After the change, everything on the screen will appear somewhat smaller.) 

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