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Here is where you can find helpful tips about seeing all that we have to offer on MMH. There is alot of information packed into this site and we tried to make it accessible to everyone.

Why are there resolution links on the first page?

We have set up this site so it may be viewed correctly by any resolution you have set. There are seperate paths set up and if you are seeing everything off to the side, then chances are good you wound up on the wrong path. Most websites are designed to be viewed with 800x600 screen resolution (with a lower setting, you may not see everything on a page). If you can see most websites without scrolling to the right, your monitor is already set to 800x600. However, if you need to scroll to the right to see the rest, then your resolution is set to 640x480. Click here for instructions on setting your screen resolution

If you want to know your current resolution please visit this page

I have been here before but MMH is so huge, how will I find what I am looking for?

On the right hand navigation you will find a link entitled Search MMH. In this search box you can put in what you are looking for and it will bring you back every page that has information about that subject. If you really get lost though feel free to write and ask.

I am having trouble Navigating through the site, what do I do?

You should see a navigation menu on the right hand side which you can click on to see all the pages
If you are not seeing it you may have come on a different resolution
Try scrolling to the right or entering through the main page and choosing a lower resolution.

We have also included drop down navigation boxes at the bottom of every page

Simply click on the arrow next to the strip and choose where you want to go. Then press the go button

My computer is crashing, what can I do?

We tried setting the scripts up that are compatible to all the browsers. If however you are having a problem please visit our web tv page. This is a link list to all the pages and should help you avoid any dhtml that might cause you problems.

How can I see a larger picture?

We have presented galleries of smaller pictures called thumbnails. If you click on the picture it will lead you to a larger photo where ever there is one.

I have special accesibilty problems, is your site set up to meet my needs?

We have supplied alt tags and height and width tags for all images. We set up the site to allow color and font over rides, for those visually impaired. The format allows for breaks for non graphical viewers. We have supplied alternative navigation to our image maps. We do use tables, but for browsers that do not support tables, the information is still presented in a logical manner.

I can't see the red text on the black pages, can you change it?

We realize that everyone is different and some colors are hard to see for some. There is a real easy cure for that which will work on any site you come across. Both Internet Explorer and Netscape allow you to overide color schemes on websites. So you can set the colors to meet your needs and enjoy.

IE instructions:

Go up to "tools" on your top bar.
Choose "internet options"
On the screen that pops up you will see a button that says "color" on the lower left hand side, and to the right of it is one that says "accesibility"
Click on the accessibility button.
The very top check box says "ignore colors specified on webpages"
Click on the box to check it and press "ok" (this will change the web page to your specified colors.)
If the colors are not right, you may then go to the color button and choose what color you would like for the text and the background.

Netscape instructions:

go up to "edit" on your top tool bar
go down to "preferences" and click
On the screen that pops up you will see "appearance" with a + sign on the left hand side.
Click on the + sign to expand the menu
Choose color (under appearance).
Choose what ever colors are easiest for you to read by clicking on the color boxes
Then check the box that says always use my colors overriding document. (this will change the pages to your liking, to remove this simply uncheck that box.)

How Can I hear about updates to this site

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Choose a page from the drop down menu and press go

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