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You Have Entered the Rainbow Bridge Link For People And Pets

Rainbows remind me of Van Lo’s Rainbow Ranch, Rain Silverhawk and her Rainbow saying that, “The Soul Would Have No Rainbows if the Eyes Had No Tears”. It reminds me of the bridge you pass over from one point of departure to another point of entry….and so I have decided to use “Rainbow Bridge” as the link to my Memorials, but may this site be what you want it to be to give you peace from your pain and grief and may it bring you into the Light…

I Had a Vision in a Dream

It seems every time I have lost a beloved person or pet in my life this dream appears and brings with it a lifting of my spirit and deeper meaning to passing…..

I drift off and can feel the presence and see this Holy Person wrapped in a robe sitting by a fire and without words of any sort the thoughts are transmitted to me. I am told that my family member, friend or pet will pass through this dark tunnel or entry and their spirit will be taken up to a place of happiness and joy. You will be removed of all sorrow; there will be no more death, crying or pain. The Old World and its evils are gone. Cares of this world are shed when you pass over this bridge. Your loving guides and those closest to you from before will greet you. Yes, even your adoring dog recognizes your entry. Your cat and your bird sparkle with remembrances in their eyes of the events and love you have shared together. You notice that their coats are like silk, and they are without age or illness. The dullness in their very being has been shed to a brightness of color and the perkiness in their body and ears tells you they are restored to a beauty, as you have never seen in them before. The fields they frolic in and fly above are emerald green with flowers gently weaving like the rhythm of the ocean with colors that you cannot even describe. In this place there is no need of the sun or moon for you will be illuminated by the Light. There is no close at the end of day for there is no night. You will come in glory and in honor and nothing evil will enter into this place. There is a river flowing with the Water of Life crystal clear. On each side of the river grows a tree of life that gives up of fresh crops each month. The leaves are used for medicine to heal. There will never be hunger or thirst again as the Light will lead you and your pets to the life giving waters. The Light will come like fire to this sacred garden. This field is a holy place where we will ride on horses, in chariots, wagons and on mules and even camels. The Wolf and the Lamb will feed together. You are in the midst of the alpha and the omega that will make all things new. You will know without words that this is the place you will meet up with your dear pet, your friends and beloved family, and you will be in the midst of the Light and the Word.

© Copyright Carolyn Miller

It is because we fear death so much for ourselves that we shed tears over the death of others..Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Gandhi


He rides on a rainbow trail
He rides on a trail of song
All around him will be beauty
He is out of the dark mist
And rides over the rainbow trail.

Ride on in peace, My Friend
You will be greatly missed
And when we see a rainbow
We will know you are smiling.

Dee 3-15-94

Dee Smith was a Native American gal that purchased horses from Vance and Lois Myler. Upon hearing of Vance’s passing Dee acquired an Eagle Feather with the blessing of the tribe Chief and flew home to place this Feather in Vance’s coffin. During the flight she penned the above words and sketched the Rainbow Graphic.

In Memory of
Vance James Myler

Vance James Myler, son of Charles O. and Clara Goyette Myler, was born October 27, 1919 at Royal, Iowa. He departed this life March 13, 1994 in Cox Medical Center, South Springfield, Mo., at the age of 74 years, 4 months and 16 days.

On October 12, 1941 he was united in marriage to Lois Joyce Taylor. To this union five children were born. He was preceded in death by his parents, three brothers, one sister, and by his son, Lonnie Myler in 1992.

He is survived by his wife, Lois, of the home, three sons; Ronald, Dale and Robert Myler all of Marshfield, Mo. One daughter, Vancene Joyce Ahlers, Laurens, Iowa. Two sisters, Peggy Yarnes of Spirit Lake, Iowa and Bonnie Bim of Hemet, California: 13 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren as well as a host of other relatives and friends.

Vance lived most of his life in the Spirit Lake, Iowa area. He worked throughout his life as an auto body repairman. He loved young people and worked with them in various capacities including sponsoring dances for the American Cancer Society and the Taho Club, as well as working with the handicapped.

His special love was for horses and he took great pride in the fact that he rode in the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California for three consecutive years. After his retirement, he enjoyed raising ponies on his farm near Buffalo, Mo. He loved his family dearly and will be fondly remembered as a loving husband, father and grandfather by all his family, neighbors and many friends.

*These words are taken directly from the funeral services pamphlet distributed at Holman Funeral Homes of Lebanon, Mo.

Along with this brochure came a note from my dear friend Lois stating, “Vance’s pall bearers were his three sons, Ron, Dale and Bob; and also his three grandsons, Chance, Lance and Damon. They wouldn’t have had it any other way”. It was Ron who said, “Mom he brought us into the world and we need to take him out”.

The Rev. Ken Robinson officiated and selections by the organist and soloist were “Old Rugged Cross” and “Peace in the Valley”.

Dee Smith, his friend, laid a solitary Eagle feather in his coffin for which she had to earn the right to have it then acquire permission to give it. (Story elsewhere at my website)

A very appropriate celebration to a man who left a piece of himself in the horse world and an honorable memory to all who knew him.

Compiled by Carolyn Miller all rights are reserved. 2-20-01


Dr. Ann Bowling suffered a fatal massive stroke on December 8, 2000 and in so doing the world has lost one of its foremost horse geneticists. Dr. Bowling was the Executive Associate Director of the Veterinary Genetics Lab at U.C. Davis and had been on the faculty since 1973. Her research was in molecular genetics; however, her interests were in parentage identification, coat color, genetic disease, gene mapping and cytogenetics. Dr. Ann Bowling made international news with her release of "The Genetics of the Horse" which she edited along with Anatoly Ruvinsky. Dr. Ann Bowling was supportive within the Miniature Horse industry and responsible for the discovery of the "Frame Overo" EDNRB gene site. Her family has asked for those who would like to remember her to make memorial contributions to the Ann T. Bowling Scholarship for Equine Genetics, an award given to DVM or post graduate students interested in pursuing a career in equine genetics. Donations may be sent to:

Ann T. Bowling Scholarship
Fund for Equine Genetics
Office of Development
School of Veterinary Medicine
One Shields Avenue
University of California
Davis, California 95616

Dr. Bowlings book may be reviewed and ordered at the reference library site linked on our right hand navigational bar here on this web. If you would like to read on her Lethal White Overo please go to our onsite Articles on line herewith.

*Please note Dr. Bowlings photo is courtesy of UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and copyrighted 2001 University of California Regents. UC Davis has approved this addition to our site and all rights are reserved and may not be duplicated.

Rainbow Bridge Memorials

Amos & Jerry We hope you are running in the woods bringing home treasures to another master.


10/31/90 - 2/1/01

There you are on our back door screen looking for us. A gift from Van Double Dutch, you will be missed during foaling as you watched over our mares, as you followed us, came when called and gave both Jerry and I unconditional love. May you be in tall grass carrying home hunted treasures.

Miller’s Mini Red Toyhorse General

/11/92 - 4/30/96

You were such a joy little man with such a kind temperament. I hope You have found a little herd just your size 28”.

Merci T

Passed away 3/17/93

My friend may you be flying on clouds in your Heavenly chariot. Sadly missed taken too soon.


7/29/88 - 2000

You were quiet, commanding and never a complaint. How thankful I am that your last home during your undetected cancer was at the loving hands of Meg.


The little Catahoula Leopard hound of our Mushroom Alert story. Your walks and frolics in the fields with Jerry are remembered and missed.


passed away 3/13/94

Upon viewing this web site Vance’s son Bob said to his Mom Lois, “you know Mom I think that when God took Dad home the time was right for the overo market. Although Dad did all the footwork in the breeding he just couldn’t sell them. God left it up to you Mom to market the business while the time was right and you have done well. I think Dad would be pleased with what you have done”.

Lt. Col. Wallace B. Hobbs

10/16/14 - 10/26/1966

My father, honorary member of the Queens York Rangers, Ontario, Canada and a dedicated member of the military. You gave me my love of books and desire to look beyond the scope of now into the future.

Entered this world on 4 October 1934 and passed through on 5 May 2002

Judy Schweitzer, my friend and a Miniature Horse foundation breeder and Paso Fino judge. Judy was an original member of the Heart of America Miniature Equine Club and responsible for bringing in some of the early foundation stock to Wisconsin. She was a wealth of knowledge and coached me through the AMHA Nationals onward to seventh position Amateur at Halter with a stallion in early 90’s. She had the AMHA 92 Res. National 28” and under yearling stallion sired by my stallion Evan’s Mike. Judy and her contagious enthusiasm for horses will be missed. Judy, may you be riding on the wings of Angels dear friend, and thank you for your support and friendship.

A Tribute to Sample
“Gone but the Legend Lives”

August 1966 – October 2004

On October 2004 “Sample” was laid to rest at the Van Lo’s Rainbow Ranch where he lived out a comfortable life for 38 years.

Sample was only a foal when Vance and Lois brought him home, and it was Vance’s intuition that one day this small, loud colored frame overo colt would mark his place in “Equinedom”. Vance said, “We will call him “Sample”, as a sample of things to come and to look forward to.” Such, is the legacy that Sample has left in his lineage and with the Myler friends and breeders that have carried his name and bloodlines within their programs.

Lois says, “that Vance so loved this little colt that he used his name also throughout the Van Lo lines, and with the opening of AMHR his daughters were able to introduce in to registration his genes and his much loved and sought after pattern. It is that same pattern that we see today being shown successfully at the National level producing Champions, and transferring into the International Market.

It was Vance who I first met via phone when I advertised for overo patterned horses. At the time I wanted to write about the patterns; this was also prior to the research released by Ann T. Bowling noting that the frame pattern must be dominant. Why? Because if it were recessive requiring two parents to contribute to the pattern, we now know that in that position the foal would be a non-viable lethal. And, so it was I first met Vance, and was given by him prior to his passing his notes on Sample.

After Vance Myler’s passing it was Lois who picked up the “Sample” reins and many times Lois has said to me, “Carolyn, Sample introduced me to a new life and new friends. Sample was my lifeline and reason to go on living.”

It was finally Lois, who was convinced that in order to expose the line to the world you had to sell and allow the line to leave the farm, something Vance had trouble with, letting go of the offspring. It was also the Myler family that made the Myler Bit a custom specialty bit known internationally through seminars, videos and books. How proud Vance would have been of not only “Sample”, but his family too.

Special thanks goes out to all those friends and breeders who continue on with the “Sample” name here as well as internationally, and to all those who joined us in support of our long running “United Overo Ad”.

For those who wish to read further on “Sample”, the “Journal” has been a great documentary for our old lines and you can find further “Sample” history in the Area VI Pony Tracks written by correspondent then, Mrs. Louise Relph. The topic at the time was of“Sample”, the Medicine Hat Pony and his likeness to the Spanish Barb horse known as “Sun”. See Journal articles in July–Aug 1986, Sept–Oct 1986, May–June 1987, and Sept –Oct 1987. We have also compiled a large scrapbook of his life in pictures and education with memories of Vance at the website: htttp:// Please stop by and visit and watch for upcoming group advertising, as well as our community sign in board also at the millersequine web where you can get answers to your questions and perhaps swap information.

Why have I written about this in Area III? I have written about “Sample” as he has been our lifeline also. His blood is infused in our lines and his colors now fly in our fields. This has been part of my Area III story.

It is now so aptly timed that I have in my own life taken off in another direction, with books in progress, do find it fitting to step aside as Area III correspondent. After twelve years of writing for the Journal it is with pride that I step aside passing the torch of opportunity to infuse new blood, ideas and energy into this fast growing Area III column.

Thank you for allowing me to volunteer my service to you and writing for all these years. I have enjoyed this and been educated along the way. God Bless and Happy New Year !

Mrs. Ruth Anna Hewitt Hobbs, 83, a long-term resident of Meadow Drive and retired assistant to the Assessor in Waterford died at Beechwood Rehab. & Nursing Center on July 14th of stroke related problems.

Mrs. Hobbs was born at Home Memorial Hospital, now L & M, on June 3, 1921 to Albert Jefferson Hewitt and Olivia Engline Hewitt. She was the granddaughter of Alden Wheaton Hewitt and Rachel Baldwin Avery with direct lineage back to the Mayflower.

Mrs. Hobbs graduated from Williams Memorial Institute and was a charter graduate of New London Junior College now known as Mitchell College. She went on to work at Fort H.G. Wright in New York for the Post Engineer but returning home to assist in the Coast Guard Marine Inspectors Office and then on to become a Personnel Director at the Fort Trumbull Branch of the University of Conn.

Mrs. Hobbs met and married the late, Lt. Col. Wallace B. Hobbs, through the Second Congregational Church of New London where both Wallace and Olivia, her mother were choir members.

Ruth followed her husband with his career to Fort Knox, Kentucky where she worked in the Engineering and Financing division.

After a tour of duty in Germany the Hobbs family returned and Ruth continued working for the office of Purchasing and Contracting at Fort Niagara, Youngstown, New York until the retirement of her husband.

Ruth and Wallace brought their family back to the New London Waterford area where they purchased 2 Meadow Drive in 1963. Ruth was employed by the Town of Waterford where she assisted the late Mr. George Egeland of the Waterford Assessor’s Office until her retirement twenty years later on May 11, 1984.

Mrs. Hobbs is survived by her daughter Carolyn Hobbs Miller, and her husband, Gerald Luben Miller both of Aiken, S.C. as well as grand-daughter, Jill Miller Bonifas of Greenbay, Wisc. Son, Richard Wallace Hobbs and his wife Joy Hobbs of Torrington, Wyoming also survive Mrs. Hobbs.

Friends and family are invited to call at the Fulton-Theroux Funeral Home on Ocean Ave. from 1-2 on Tuesday, July 20th. The Pastor Douglas S. Meader of Lakes Pond Baptist Church, will officiate at the memorial service following the calling hours. Burial will be directly afterwards at the Cedar Grove Cemetery, New London, Conn.

We wish to express our deep gratitude to all family, neighbors and loyal friends who have assisted us through their acts of kindness including the staff of Beechwood who cared for Ruth in a gracious and loving manner. To the Congregation of Lakes Pond Baptist Church you have made our road a lot easier to travel and the distance not quite so far.

May God be with you and walk by your side in Love, Light and Peace. WE are most grateful.

Carolyn and Richard

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